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Ultra Omega Burn
If you want the transformative effects of HIIT, intensity is imperative – basically, you need to go hard! It doesn't make sense to do more HIIT workouts at a lower intensity, as dropping the intensity can mean your training shifts into the vigorous-intensity interval-based training category (which is often defined as 70-85 percent maximum heart rate) or even the moderate-intensity cardio space. Consequently, you don't get the same transformative benefits of a true HIIT workout.

However, Gottschall says the value of moderate-intensity cardio should not be overlooked. “Moderate-intensity cardio can be performed for longer periods of time and thereby train endurance systems,” Gottschall stresses. “This intensity has been tested in countless studies and provides multiple benefits in terms of cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and fasting glucose.”
Ultra Omega Burn reviews

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